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Stock Turkish Terry


Anichini Hospitality has long been the brand of choice for five-star hotels for bed linens. When sourcing our bath linens, we went to Turkey. After all, Turkey has long been associated with quality bath linens. In selecting the mill to produce the Anichini line, we focused on hand, durability, absorbency, and drying time, critical factors when a property owner weighs guest comfort and branding with supporting the hotel’s efficiency.

The secret of Turkish towels is the quality of the cotton and the spinning of the yarn. As a natural fiber, cotton is graded by length, strength, and uniformity. These criteria will for the most part decide the end use of that particular grade. Nearly all grades of Turkish cotton are long staple (1.2”), which combined with its tensile strength lends itself to the raised surface of terry and jacquard towel manufacturing. For the Anichini collection, a long staple fiber from the Aegean region is used. In terms of the properties, the manufacturing process, which is proprietary from combing the fiber to spinning the yarn and weaving, gives our towels a superior weight to durability ratio. The towels are quick drying and unlike cotton towels from Egypt and India they will be less apt to mildew or lint.

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