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ANICHINI Hospitality

  • Flax, A Noble Material.

    ANICHINI believes in Noble Materials. Flax, from field to fabric.

    At ANICHINI we believe in noble materials. We celebrate the original fibers. The natural, the eco-friendly, the real.

    Here, flax dries in a field like it has for centuries. Flax is the source of linen, one of the oldest known fibers, prized for over 10,000 years. It is natural, eco-friendly, durable, absorbent, hypoallergenic, and warm. It has an ease, a grace, a point of view.

    From field to fabric. See what we've created from flax.

  • Showroom Events: The Powerful Energy of Color with Ellen Kennon

    Join us at our New York Showroom as Ellen discusses the powerful energy of color, its effect on human emotions, and how to use it to create healing spaces.

    After living for years in the grey cityscape of Manhattan, working as the head of the Interiors Department for the celebrated architect, Peter Marino, Ellen Kennon found herself missing nature. It wasn't obvious at first, but when she found herself staring through a fence at the lush greens of her local park she realized what she was missing. Soon after, she moved to her native Louisiana and built a cabin in the woods, where she lives to this day. It is here that she found what she was looking for: color!

    Ellen Kennon Paint Colors

    Here, inspired by nature's palette, Ellen created a line of Full Spectrum Paints. Each is created from at least 7 spectrum pigments and never include black. This combination of the full spectrum in each color allows the color to stand on its own as a facet of sunlight, and because there is no black, they never appear muddy or lose their character in low light conditions. They are truly enigmatic, and as a result, have been featured in House BeautifulArchitectural DigestThe Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

    Ellen Kennon Paint Colors

    But they are more than just hues. Ellen believes that color is energy and light, and that natural light is very healing. Her spectrum paints are solid versions of liquid light and have a vibrancy, a life. Join us at our New York Showroom as Ellen discusses the powerful energy of color, its effect on human emotions, and how to use it to create healing spaces.

    WHEN: October 16th at 10:00am
    WHERE: ANICHINI Showroom at the D&D Building | 979 Third Ave, Suite 923   NY, NY 10022 | P 888.522.0146

    Learn more about Ellen by visiting her website and read her latest newsletter here. Her line of Full Spectrum Paints are available at the ANICHINI Design Center in Vermont.

  • Create Your Signature Style with Washable Wool Throws in 108 Colors to Choose From

    100% Wool Washable Throws Custom and Stock Styles of 100% wool washable throws 108 colors to choose from

    We have worked with a small Tuscan weaver for over twenty years to create our signature line of wool throws. They are woven of the finest Merino wool – renowned for its soft, silky feel, and are completely washable. We offer them in eight styles which are customizable by color, size, and finish. With 108 colors to choose from, the possible combinations are endless. Looking for something completely custom? We have an archive of designs to choose from or we can work with you to create something all your own.


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