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ANICHINI Hospitality

  • NY MAG: Tour the Newly Renovated Abingdon Guest House by ASH NYC Featuring ANICHINI's Palladio Bedding

    ANICHINI Palladio Hotel Sheets

    ASH NYC renovation in NY Mag

    ASH NYC renovation in NY Mag

    The recently renovated Abingdon Guest House was a nine-room inn which was comprised of two 1850 townhouses in the West Village. At the time of its acquisition in 2013 for $8 million, the inn had seen better days. Ari Heckman and his partner, Will Cooper, who together run the real-estate-and-design firm ASH NYC, transformed the dated and dilapidated space into a marvel of modern design.

    Taking much of their inspiration from their travels through Belgium, they chose a pared down aesthetic, pairing strong lines and a black and white palette with unusual textures and materials. ANICHINI's Palladio Hotel Sheets are a perfect compliment to this refined modernity.

    Take the tour here.

    All images via NY Mag.

  • Projects: ANICHINI at the Waldorf Astoria Presidential Suite

    The Waldorf Astoria Presidential Suite

    The Waldorf Astoria in New York is one of the most esteemed hotels worldwide, known for being the ultimate in luxury and grandeur. Seated at the very top of the hotel are the Waldorf Astoria Towers, which occupy the top 15 floors. Billed as being a hotel atop a hotel, it is the most exclusive hotel in New York. Home throughout the years to iconic figures such as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, John and Jackie Kennedy, General Douglas MacArthur, and Cole Porter.

    The Waldorf Astoria Presidential Suite Private Entrance

    The Waldorf Astoria Presidential Suite Foyer

    It is here that the Presidential Suite is housed, amidst 26 Presidential-style suites, 4 historic suites, and residential apartments. Aptly-named, the Presidential Suite has accommodated every US President since Herbert Hoover. When it’s not in use by heads-of-state or diplomats, this luxurious suite has hosted movie stars, millionaires, corporate executives, and select private individuals. The suite has been redecorated to resemble the White House, reflecting a traditional Georgian-style. It also is home to the personal desk of General Douglas MacArthur and one of President John F. Kennedy's rocking chairs.

    The Waldorf Astoria Presidential Suites Living Room

    The Waldorf Astoria Presidential Suite Dining Room

    The suite features a dramatic entrance, a large parlor, a dining room which seats ten, a large living room, three bedrooms, and 3 1/2 bathrooms with a master boudoir. ANICHINI Hospitality is pleased to have been chosen as the Presidential Suite's source for luxury bedding and linens.

    The Waldorf Astoria Presidential Suite Bedroom with Anichini Linens

    The Waldorf Astoria Presidential Suite Bathroom

    Go behind-the-scenes as the New York Times looks inside the Waldorf Astoria's Presidential Suite.

    For more information on the Waldorf Astoria Presidential Suite click here. To see more of ANICHINI'S featured hotels click here. All images courtesy of the Waldorf Astoria.

  • Architectural Digest Showcases a Glam Renovation to a Historic Boston Townhouse with ANICHINI Linens

    Architectural Digest February 2015 Cover

    ANICHINI in Architectural Digest February 2015

    Not your typical restoration: The Victorian townhouse in Boston that was recently renovated by architect Dell Mitchell and interior decorators Heather Wells and Bruce Fox was anything but. By the time the property was found by its current owners it had been completely gutted. There were no period details remaining to speak of its gloried past. All that remained was a pale stone façade.

    The new owners, an art-collecting couple with four grown children, sought to accommodate their large, striking contemporary artworks in an inviting domestic setting. So Mitchell set about recreating the space as a dialogue between traditional and modern design, creating the feel that certain spaces had been restored and others added.

    Mitchell’s architectural sleights of hand are buttressed by Wells and Fox’s vibrant materials, finishes, and furnishings. In the master bedroom the bed is outfitted with ANICHINI's luxurious Raso Sateen Sheets in ivory and a hand loomed Amdo 4-Ply Cashmere Blanket in oatmeal. An Amdo Cashmere Throw rests upon a bedside chair.

    For more of the restoration see the full article here.

    All content via Architectural Digest.
    Text by Mayer Rus | Photography by Joshua McHugh | Produced by Howard Christian

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